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What could cause the ethernet port in the gemini 2 to stop working, and how can I get it fixed?

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Losmandy G11 Gemini 2, has worked perfectly for years. No longer able to connect to ethernet port. Only the link light illuminates on the hub, no activity light. Internal battery replaced, alternate cables used with no change.

Network settings visible through the hand controller are fine. Gemini 2 works well otherwise..
asked Nov 17, 2016 by andrew lockwood (170 points)

2 Answers

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Just to be sure: are you connecting Gemini to a hub, and then connecting your PC to the same hub? Make sure the cable is plugged into Ethernet port on Gemini. Try a different hub. Try a different PC. Make sure you don't have any other devices connected to the hub or the network it's on that have the same IP address as Gemini. When connecting to Gemini from the PC, use the IP address specified in the HC instead of http://gemini. If none of these help, you may need to send Gemini in for repair.
answered Nov 18, 2016 by paul_kanevsky (4,170 points)
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Thanks Paul - I found the problem. In the months the Gemini was in its box I'd moved house and changed to a new home network. The network settings in the laptop had been reset by the DHCP on the new network. As a result the subnet mask on both laptops was different to the one on the gemini. Now resolved, and happily communicating again.
answered Nov 18, 2016 by andrew lockwood (170 points)
OK, I am also suddenly having a problem connecting with my Gemini 2.  I have not connected for a few weeks.  I just replaced the battery, and I also have a new home network.  All the gemini settings are the default (DHCP is turned on  not sure if that is default or not, but turning it off does not change anything.  First, how to I check the "subnet mask on my laptop" to see if they have changed?  When I run IPCONFIG, it shows 2 different subnet masks -, and  Do I need to somehow change those, either on the computer or the Gemini HC?

Is it possible that when I changed the battery I lost something else that made it work?

I am on Windows 10, using a docking station with an ethernet port.  My firmware in the gemini is one generation old, but I can't update it without ethernet.  the hardware is teh same as before when it was working.

Thanks in advance for any advice.