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Remote alignment and modeling using web interface

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Is there a writeup somewhere explaining how to do an alignment and create a model remotely, using the web interface or 3rd party planetarium, etc.?

I've tried several different methods, and can never get a model built or an alignment to work. I always end up having to walk back outside and do it via the handbox. I'm guessing that the star has to be selected via the gemini interface (handbox or web)...otherwise it wouldn't know what to align to...right?

A web version of the semi-automated alignment procedure like in Scott's video would be great.  ;)

asked May 22 by calan (130 points)

1 Answer

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You can build a model remotely. The best way, depending on your software, is to use Gemini.NET ASCOM driver along with planetarium software and plate solving software (for example, TheSkyX). The sequence would be to:

  1. Set 'Sync performs additional align' in Gemini.NET advanced settings
  2. Issue a goto to an object (star) from planetarium software
  3. Do a plate  solve of the image at wherever the mount winds up pointing
  4. Issue a Sync through your plate solving software to the coordinates it solved
  5. Repeat 2-4 more times for objects widely separated in RA

Sorry... no video.

answered May 23 by paul_kanevsky (4,090 points)