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Gemini 1 PC control software

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Hello to all. I have an MI-250 mount with a Gemini 1 controller.

Since the GCC is not available, I have a question on PC control.

What PC (or MAC) software is available, to replace the Gemini handset, for initially setting up the parameters in the Gemini? It should also have star modeling and polar alignment features.

I have the USB/serial cable/adapter.

I am pier mounted in my new observatory and need to start from square one.


asked Jun 29, 2017 by Fivel (270 points)

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Gemini.NET ASCOM driver has some ability to control Gemini directly, and can provide the link that can be used from other astronomy software to command your mount.
answered Aug 9, 2017 by paul_kanevsky (4,170 points)
Hi Paul, thank you for your reply.
I have been using the Gemini.net interface and find it minimal at best.
Features to add that would be very helpful are:
1. Perform a Warm Restart
2. Perform the initial one star align and Sync
3. (more challenging to code) Polar Alignment Routine/Assist
I have been using Stellarium for the GOTOs without the Gemini.net.
What planetarium/scope control app(s) do you use and do you need to open Gemini.net first? So please clarify what you mean by "can provide the link that can be used from other astronomy software to command your mount". do I need to open and minimize Gemini.net first then open another app?
Thanks again for the info.

Hi Fivel,

1. You can do a Warm Restart/Cold Restart or Warm Start from Gemini.NET already.
2. You can also do Sync and Additional aligns from Gemini.NET already
3. Polar alignment routine start is not supported by Gemini from a PC, so Gemini.NET can't invoke it, not much I can do about it.
Thanks again Paul for the info.
You did not clarify what you mean by Gemini.net providing a "link" to other software. What control apps do you use?
I assume (bad idea) I need to have Gemini.net open first then open Stellarium, for example. I have used Stellarium by itself to do GOTOs.
It works fairly well, but it cannot give sync or align commands to the Gemini controller.
Any planetarium software that supports ASCOM will work with Gemini.NET. You can have Gemini.NET open first, or you can open the planetarium software first, it doesn't matter.

Stellarium must be set up to use ASCOM telescope. If you have it talking to Gemini without ASCOM, then it will not work with Gemini.NET. Only ASCOM-based applications are compatible with Gemini.NET.

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