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Gemini 1 will not power on

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Hi to all. My unit will not power on. Also, my power supply is dead. I tried another power supply, but it did not help.

I traced the 12V to the output of the On/Off slide switch and it is there.

The 5A fuse is good and so is the switch.

I need a circuit diagram to aid my troubleshooting. Is there one available?

I have the Gemini 1 Level 4 ver 1.05. It has the DIN power plug.

All was well until last night. It is strange, since it worked before my eclipse trip to Wyoming. I disconnected everything prior to the trip to prevent this sort of problem. 

Please provide me with suggestions.

Keep focused


asked Aug 27 by Fivel (210 points)

1 Answer

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Sounds like the F2 fuse. Take a look at FAQ #13:

answered Sep 3 by paul_kanevsky (4,090 points)
Hi Paul and thank you for your reply.
I did look at the FAQs and posted this issue on the Yahoo Group as well.
My unit's PCB does not have the F2 nor any similar component.
Since my initial post D10 has also blown.
I emailed Dr. Goerlich with photos, at his suggestion, of the PCB.
I am waiting for his feedback.
Do you know of anyone in the USA who repairs these older units?
Losmandy told me they do not support the Gemini 1 anymore.

Thanks again.


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