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What would make the Gemini2 slew in the RA axis on its own while guiding?

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After imaging for a while (about 1/2 hour or so), the Gemini will slew all the way to the limits in the RA axis, I have changed the battery in the unit (was 2.6v now reads 3.2v), the main power reports 13.6v. I believe all the software is current. I have even changed and manually flashed the micro-sd cards. It started doing this about 6 months ago and the only way to stop this is to do a cold reboot, this solution only works for a while and then it will do it again. It started doing this while I was using PHD2 for guiding, so I switched to PHD and that seem to work for a couple of months, but now it wants to do it with PHD also. With PHD2 it will do this while it is calibrating.
asked Aug 30 by Jeff C (120 points)

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