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Operation in the southern hemisphere

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Hi! I'm a new user of Losmandy.  Just purchased my G11 mount. I live in the southern hemisphere and I'd like to know how to change the polarity of the RA motor for operation in the southern hemisphere.
I opened the Gemini2 but could not find the N/S switch described in the user's manual.
asked Sep 9 by Southernsky (130 points)

1 Answer

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The Gemini-2 does not rely on a switch to select hemisphere.   Hemisphere is selected totally by the sign of the Latitude in the Gemini-2. Positive for Northern Hemisphere and negative for Southern Hemisphere. It was the same in the Gemini-1 also. No switches to change at all.   Please see the hand controller tutorial and select site for more information.  http://www.gemini-2.com/hc/E019A.php
answered Sep 10 by tom_hilton (1,600 points)
Thank you!! I was confused because the user's manual I found on the Losmandy official web site instructs you to open the Gemini 2 unit to find an internal switch and change the polarity from there.
Thanks a lot!!