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PC with win 10. GFU downloaded and cannot get a connection. Using a Airport Time capsule router

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In regards to firmware update for G2, I have tried connecting directly to the router, and  through a powered Netgear GS605  without success. Similar to problem Tom helped with on May 5. I have looked at several lines of instruction but clearly doing something wrong. Need help with this one. Thanks
asked Jun 26, 2016 by DrDooku (160 points)

1 Answer

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Before you can use GFU you need to establish a proper ethernet connection to Gemini from your PC. Please follow these instructions:


Once you have the connection established and you can get to Gemini web pages through the browser on your PC, you can then try to use GFU, as described here:

answered Jun 26, 2016 by paul_kanevsky (4,170 points)